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Image by Zachary Nelson
Image by Corey Young
Singer with Painted Face

“I am a professional singer and musician on the Vegas strip, and on tour around the world. To say that Erik Landry is a life-changer would be an understatement. I am but one of MANY professional singers who he has transformed with his incredible techniques and methodology, as well as his warm and familial personal style. Erik is the only person I’ve ever known that has both incredible medical training AND incredible training as a singer himself. He has synthesized the most vital aspects of both these worlds into what we now know as VOCODOJO, which is quickly gaining prominence in the busiest musician communities in the USA. I encourage any singer of any level or stile to solicit Erik’s help and have him change their lives as he has changed mine.."

-Matt Baldoni – International Singer & Musician based in Las Vegas

"Erik is the REAL DEAL everyone! Thank you for being such an inspiration!"

-Debbie Gibson – Award winning recording artist and judge on the T.V. show America's Most Musical Family

Image by Austin Schmid

"Erik is a rare find – an amazing vocal coach PLUS a highly sought after and highly educated and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. This is the rarest combo! When most vocal teachers show you a new exercise or offer a tip, they might say “you’ll have to run that by a speech therapist”…well, with Erik, he’s one in the same! I have MTD and Erik has golden ears that can precisely determine what muscle groups are kicking in and he knows exactly how to fix the issue and get them to calm down – EVEN on Skype. It seems I didn’t even know what singing or speaking were supposed to feel like, but with Erik’s guidance, I’ve been able to enter this whole new world!"

-Dennis Vasquez – Singer and Music Producer in Las Vegas

"Erik saved my voice. l am a singer/coach. I would have lost everything. Thanks to Vocodojo I was cured and my high notes are better.”

-Jessica Marciel – Professional Singer and Vocal Coach in Las Vegas

"Erik’s approach is so direct and simple. I have MTD and felt like I almost had no chance in becoming a singer without tension. He introduced me to breath flow, breath support exercises that made me feel at ease when I did them. I owe a lot to him now that I’m already way ahead on my path of becoming the singer I always wanted to be. Vocodojo is the program that can benefit anyone who wants to learn about vocal freedom. Freedom of expression is the greatest gift and Vocodojo has certainly been a catalyst in my pursuit of freedom.

-Jayakar Vadla – Indian Singer

"Erik's the best vocal teacher out there!!!”

-Natalie Nootenboom – Singer and Model based in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York City

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